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Follitropin Delta in Long GnRH Agonist and GnRH Antagonist Protocols (BEYOND)

Datenbasis: WHO (Import vom 22.09.2019)
Geändert: 22.09.2019

Health conditions (Datenquelle: WHO)

Infertility, Female

Interventions (Datenquelle: WHO)

Drug: FE 999049 + GnRH agonist (GONAPEPTYL);Drug: FE 999049 + GnRH antagonist (CETROTIDE)

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria (Datenquelle: WHO)

Inclusion Criteria:

- Infertile women aged 18-40 undergoing their first IVF/ICSI cycle that are in good
physical and mental health and that have been diagnosed with problems in the fallopian
tubes, mild endometriosis or have partners with decreased sperm quality.

- The participants must have a regular menstrual cycle, a normal uterus and 2 normal

- The allowed body mass index is 17.5-32 Kg/m^2.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Women with very high ovarian reserve, strong preference for either treatment, severe
endometriosis, history of repeated miscarriage, couples with known problems in the
chromosomes, history or high risk of producing blood cloths, women known to have
chronic diseases, women recently participating in trials with non-registered drugs.

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Wissenschaftlicher Titel (Datenquelle: WHO)

A Randomised, Controlled, Open Label, Parallel Group, Multicentre Trial Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Individualised FE 999049 (Follitropin Delta) Dosing, Using a Long GnRH Agonist Protocol and a GnRH Antagonist Protocol in Women Undergoing Controlled Ovarian Stimulation

Studientyp (Datenquelle: WHO)


Design der Studie (Datenquelle: WHO)

Allocation: Randomized. Intervention model: Parallel Assignment. Primary purpose: Treatment. Masking: None (Open Label).

Phase (Datenquelle: WHO)

Phase 3

Primäre Endpunkte (Datenquelle: WHO)

Number of oocytes retrieved

Sekundäre Endpunkte (Datenquelle: WHO)

Proportion of subjects with cycle cancellation due to poor ovarian response or excessive ovarian response;Proportion of subjects with blastocyst transfer cancellation after oocyte retrieval due to (risk of) ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS);Number of follicles;Proportion of subjects with <4, 4-7, 8-14, 15-19 and =20 oocytes retrieved;Number of metaphase II oocytes;Fertilization rate;Number of embryos;Number of blastocysts;Circulating concentrations of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol, progesterone and inhibin B;Total gonadotropin dose;Number of stimulation days;Positive beta human chorionic gonadotropin (ßhCG) rate;Implantation rate;Clinical pregnancy rate;Vital pregnancy rate;Ongoing pregnancy rate;Ongoing implantation rate;Proportion of subjects with early OHSS (including OHSS of moderate/severe grade);Proportion of subjects with late OHSS (including OHSS of moderate/severe grade);Frequency of adverse events;Intensity of adverse events;Technical malfunctions of the pre-filled injection pen

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Please refer to primary and secondary sponsors


Durchführungsländer (Datenquelle: WHO)

Austria, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland

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Global Clinical Compliance
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
+1 833-548-1402 (US/Canada)

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Global Clinical Compliance
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
+1 833-548-1402 (US/Canada)


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Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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