Update for the Swiss study portal SNCTP: Now with results of clinical trials and extended filter functions

The Swiss study portal SNCTP enables researchers, patients and the general public to find out about planned, ongoing and completed clinical trials in Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

The portal is constantly being refined. The following new improvements have been introduced:

Results displayed: If results are available for a clinical trial, this is noted in the search result, and the results can be viewed via a link to the primary register. A filter function allows a targeted search specifically for trials with available results.

New filter options for children, adolescents and healthy persons: Clinical trials conducted in Switzerland that recruit children, adolescents or healthy persons can now be viewed separately with these specific filters.*

Approving ethics committee displayed: The ethics committee that has approved the clinical trial as well as the date of approval are listed.

Direct link to the search for clinical trials on the Swiss study portal SNCTP

* For technical reasons, the new filter functions for children, adolescents and healthy persons only work for clinical trials conducted in Switzerland. They do not work for clinical trials conducted in neighbouring countries.

Important information about the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

Switzerland is in an special situation due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This also has implications for human research.

Here you will find general information from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) on COVID-19.

Here you will find the clinical trials on COVID-19 carried out in Switzerland or in Switzerland's vicinity abroad.

Here you will find all research projects approved in Switzerland on COVID-19 (clinical trials, non-clinical trials, projects for the further use of samples and data). 

Here you will find important information and guidance documents from swissethics (and Swissmedic) on the conduct of clinical trials during the corona crisis.