Summary of the annual reports of the ethics committees and the statistical report 2019

The Coordination Office for Human Research (Kofam) is required by law to provide the public with information about the work of the ethics committees. To this end, every year it produces a summary of the annual reports of the individual committees.

The summary of the individual annual reports for 2019 is now available. Because of the corona pandemic, there was a delay in submitting the reports.

Parallel to this, a statistical report has again been published on the type and number of human research projects that have been submitted and approved in Switzerland.

The 2019 summary report and statistical report can be found here:

Summary of the individual 2019 annual reports of the ethics committees

2019 statistical report on human research in Switzerland 

Important information about the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

Switzerland is in an special situation due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This also has implications for human research.

Here you will find general information from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) on COVID-19.

Here you will find the clinical trials on COVID-19 carried out in Switzerland or in Switzerland's vicinity abroad.

Here you will find all research projects approved in Switzerland on COVID-19 (clinical trials, non-clinical trials, projects for the further use of samples and data). 

Here you will find important information and guidance documents from swissethics (and Swissmedic) on the conduct of clinical trials during the corona crisis.

Human research

Key points in a nutshell

A brief summary of the key points on human research in Switzerland

Applications & procedure

Requirement to obtain authorisation, categorisation and submission of applications

All information on the requirement to obtain authorisation, categorisation and submission of applications is available here:

SNCTP Portal

Search for studies

Search for registered clinical trials in Switzerland.


Online wizard for categorising human research projects

The categoriser provides help in assigning and categorising your research project according to the provisions of the Human Research Act – good preparation for the submission of your application!

Case studies

A selection of real human research projects

The case study module provides a selection of real human research projects, each with a brief summary. The projects can be filtered according to various criteria.